House Cleaning Tips

Keeping up with your house cleaning checklist can be challenging enough, even without taking deep cleaning into consideration. We have summarized the top 10 house cleaning tips, which will help you to get the most of your residential cleaning services and choosing the right house cleaning company for the job.

When you’re managing your recurring cleaning duties it can seem like there’s never any end to it. While hiring maid services can certainly help you with residential clean-up services, there are things you can do between their visits to stay on top.

It all starts from the bedroom

Something that will definitely be more than a one time house cleaning moment is making your bed. Even with recurring cleaning services making your bed can get your day off to a great start. It instantly makes your room look better and helps you feel accomplished before you even leave the house.

You take it out, put it back

This may seem like a simple practice, but it’s one of the common things maid services have to deal with. Every time you take something out, make sure you take a moment to put it back when you’re done with it. This will help prevent clutter from building up, which will keep your house neat and tidy. From all house cleaning tips, this one is the top rated among the housekeepers. For efficient and cost effective house cleaning is highly recommended to keep your home tidy.

Sort your mail or put it in the pail

Mail is one of those things that can be sneaky about building up over time. Every time you get the mail take out the items that are important, and toss the rest straight into the trash. Housekeeping services can’t go through your mail for you to see what’s important, so have this done before they arrive.

Take out the garbage

Another bane of those who work residential cleaning services is the garbage can. Any time you leave the house, even just to step outside, check your garbage cans and take them out. Otherwise you may discover that there’s garbage building up around the can.

Daily spray for shower, tub, and toilet

One thing that should be on your daily cleaning checklist is spraying down the toilet and tub with a cleanser. While you can leave deep cleaning to the housekeeping services provider, you’ll keep your bathroom looking and smelling great. This is even more important for Home Away, Airbnb, and VRBO properties.

Save work, time, and money by hanging up the days clothes

One of the most important house cleaning tips that many house cleaning companies suggest is hanging up your clothes at the end of the day. This will help keep your living space nice and clean, and if the clothes can’t be worn again you can toss them in the hamper instead. A lot of housekeeping services discover that a significant amount of their time is spent picking up, washing, and folding neglected clothes.

Keep up with your pets by brushing frequency

Animals can shed a remarkable amount in just one day, so it pays to brush them at least once every other day. One time house cleaning and next day cleaning services aren’t going to be able to keep up with their constant shedding. When you have pets its also essential to make sure you’re using green house cleaning practices. Green cleaning ensures that your pets and family aren’t harmed by noxious chemicals.

Wipe down all surfaces every day

Another thing you can do to make the most of your housekeeping services is wiping down all the surfaces and counters in your home. This can add a finished look to your clean home that will make it feel like the professionals have already been there.

Empty/fill dishwasher while your morning tea is steeping

Those who work in residential clean up services have to know how to make the most of every moment. The last thing they want is to come home and face a dirty home, or know that on Friday they’ll have to spend the next day cleaning. One trick these professionals use is to clean up while their coffee or tea is getting ready. This one time house cleaning trick makes sure that every moment counts.

As you make the mess, clean the mess

This house clean up trick is a favourite of those running Airbnb, Home Away, and VRBO properties. If you include breakfast as part of your guests stay, you want to make sure you never have a mess to return to afterwards. This keeps your space looking great, and means you can sit down and enjoy your meal when all the prep work is done.

Why Miss Maid is a great choice for many

If you keep up with most of these house cleaning tips you’ll have your home pretty tidy prior to you regular maid service. This way you maid will be concentrated mainly on the house cleaning. You can make these even more effective by using green cleaning practices to ensure your home is safe and toxin free for your family. Green cleaning services are becoming a standard part the services offered by the professionals, so it just makes sense to start using them at home. If you’re looking for someone to take the burden of cleaning off of you, call the professionals at Miss Maid. We’re proud to have been serving our communities for years, and are ready to welcome you to our family of customers.

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