Residential Cleaning FAQ

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Miss Maid is a professional residential and commercial cleaning and housekeeping company that expanded its footprint in the United States following the successful implementation of its business model and brand in the United Kingdom. Our successful business model is founded on an unparalleled synergy between top notch specialized cleaning quality and competitive pricing, supported by a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals that care for our customers and our environment. We approach our customers and every service delivery professionally following a dedicated cleaning methodology while remaining flexible to always customize the offer to your needs.

We are passionate to clean and serve our customers so no customer is left behind. That is what makes Miss Maid one of the best!

Miss Maid understands the importance that our team plays for the sustainability of our business and our team understands the importance of meeting our customers’ needs. Each of our prospective professionals’ background is examined in detail (authorized to work in the US, no criminal convictions, no drug and alcohol abuse) to ensure we onboard only the individuals that deserve to be part of Miss Maid’s family.

Once employed, our team members are provided intensive orientation and training for the various specialized cleaning services offered by Miss Maid. In addition, Miss Maid and its maids are bonded and insured so you are protected against unexpected accidents inside your home and during the cleaning job

Obligation free estimate and booking of services are made available to our customers via our interactive web-form or by calling us. Subsequently the process will seamlessly take you through the steps in the blink of an eye and you will receive a confirmation for your cleaning appointment.

All we require from you is to enjoy your free time. However, we do appreciate it, if you can pick up your household items (toys, clothes, shoes etc.) to make the cleaning process more efficient which will also reduce the overall cost of cleaning service.

It depends on your preference. In order for us to carry out the service you can either leave a key with us or arrange an access to your home. Should you prefer to leave your home keys with us you’ll know that your keys will be security coded for enhanced protection.

We provide our own professional cleaning supplies and equipment required to deliver exceptional service. However, if you prefer that we use products of your choice please specify at the time of your booking.

In the event you need to reschedule or cancel your cleaning appointment we require two business day notice in advance before the service is due to take place.

Cancellation fees may apply in case we do not receive rescheduling or cancellation notice two business days prior to the scheduled service. For full details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

We gladly accept all major credit/debit cards, cash and personal cheques.

Payment is due at the time of services. We require credit/debit card on file to secure your booking.

Miss Maid’s employees are fully trained to perform their work professionally and diligently to ensure our customers’ belongings are in safe hands and handled properly.

As a professional company we are fully insured against such accidents. We take responsibility unlike some of our competitors if something gets damaged as a result of an accident caused by Miss Maid’s operatives.

It is our policy to start an Investigation immediately and inform our insurer carrier if necessary.

Should you need to report a damage to your property, we accept complaints within 24 hours from the provided service.

We strive for quality and are trained to meet high expectations. Therefore and as we believe in the services we provide it is important to inform us within 24 hours of the service that we did not completely meet your expectations. We will come back to rectify any errors or re-clean areas/items in question at no additional cost to our valued customers.

All of our services are covered by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Miss Maid provides a transparent and flexible pricing as every home is unique and our customers have various preferences. Our price is primarily driven by the overall condition, size, type of the property and the requested service.

Your feedback can be submitted through our dedicated Leave Feedback web page.

We encourage all of our customers to leave their feedback as it is very important for us to know where we exceeded your expectations and where we need to work harder. You can also share your experience with us through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Typically, we send one to two maids for an average size home. In case we need to perform a detail clean or the size of your property is larger and you require extra services we will work with you so you know in advance how many maids will be needed.

As our employees and our customers are the most valuable asset that contributes to the success of our company we make every effort to ensure that we bring on board only the right individuals.

Be informed that Miss Maid hires only qualified and motivated individuals that project the image of high integrity and professionalism. When hired all new employees are fully trained and go through our rigorous orientation program. In addition we provide ongoing training to all of our employees to make sure they are abreast of the industry best practices.

When we schedule your cleaning we assign at least one senior crew member that is fully responsible to deliver the cleaning service as promoted by Miss Maid.

Prior to leaving your property you will be notified of the exact details of our job that is also kept on record within our company.

Do I need to provide keys? We can access to be provided for our operatives at the beginning of the service and instructions how we should proceed securing your property at the end of the cleaning service before we leave.

Alternatively, you can provide us with a key. We know how to handle and care for customers keys. The security of your property is one of our top priorities.

Our maids work very hard and all work is performed diligently. Any form of appreciation from our customers is kept on track within our company to reward our top performing individuals. That being said, the choice to tip or not, depends on you and whether you think our maids delivered exceptional service and fully satisfied your expectations.

We work Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. Our carpet cleaning services are operational 7 days a week from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm.

We kindly prompt you during the booking process to specify if you have pets in your property. As we love so much pets, we kindly ask you to secure your pet to ensure the safety of both, your pet and our maids.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

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We clean almost any type of carpet including fine quality rugs, wool and orientals. A variety of plant fibers are used in carpets including sisal, cotton, jute, coconut (coir), pineapple, ramie, hemp, and number of others. Due to this wide variety, some carpets may be cleaned with conventional cleaning methods while others require a more specialized equipment such as dry, hot water and cold water extractors.

We clean all types of carpets without exceptions. As any reputable organization, Miss Maid provides a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all needs.

We use industry’s best specialized equipment and cleaning solutions available on the market and follow the recommended operating manuals of the manufacturers. Our equipment includes fast drying, hot and cold water deep cleaning extractors that are certified for superior carpet cleaning by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

We use specialized fast dry carpet extractors that are designed to provide increased suction capacity (water lift). As a result, the most common types of carpets are usually dry within approximately couple of hours. Some other types such as the ones made out of wool will require longer hours.

Miss Maid provides all the necessary specialized equipment and cleaning solutions.

When we send our carpet cleaning crew, we want to ensure we achieve an optimal balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore we may need 3 hrs or more to ensure the service provided is within Miss Maid’s quality standards and up to our clients’ expectations.

Yes, we are open seven days a week and we will be happy to serve you when you need us.


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