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Cleaning Service
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 137 reviews
by Laura on Cleaning Service
Carpet cleaning

Very happy with the carpet cleaning service provided. Polite and knowledgable cleaner and an amazing result in the carpets. Thank you Miss Maid.

by Jacek on Cleaning Service

The women who came over to help clean our flat were just lovey, and did a spectacular job. Will definitely use missmaid again.

by Madeline on Cleaning Service
Special attention

Polite and efficient gentleman cleaned vintage oven and hood.
I am happy with the result.

by Elissa Lane on Cleaning Service
move out

I am very satisfied with the cleaning. The team was very polite and professional.

by Ava Chen on Cleaning Service
first time customer

Very reliable and consistent. My house looks and smells amazing!

by Bill Carter on Cleaning Service
recurring client

Your maids are fast and efficient! Thank you

by Chase Luis on Cleaning Service
move in

Excellent service ! We loved everything - the maids were extremely fast and thorough and the cleaning products they used were free of bleach with a pleasant smell.

by DANIELLE BAKER on Cleaning Service
Dmitri Wolf hood cleaning

Dimitri did an excellent job cleaning my Wolf hood on Saturday. I have had several people come to the house to see why the hood was leaking grease, but no one was willing to take it apart and address the problem like Dimitri was. He was thorough, patient and professional, explaining to me what he was doing and making sure I was ok with him dismantling the hood in order to effectively clean it. I am very happy with the results and give Dimitri 5 stars. I will for sure be calling Miss Maid in the future and requesting Dimitri to clean again when needed. Thanks for great service!

Thank you very much for your kind words. We are very happy to hear you enjoyed our service.Best Regards

by Bob Gross on Cleaning Service
oven clean up

I could not be happier with the work, the oven looks new, and Dimitri was just great.I would give them five stars

by Kristina Reno on Cleaning Service
one time cleaning

The team came on time, and accomplished the cleaning within the allotted time! Very thorough and professional!

by Karis Joy on Cleaning Service
recurring client

Always very friendly, fast and thorough. Thank you Miss Maid!

by Dylan E. on Cleaning Service
move in

The maids did a great job, very fast and efficient.

by Sierra Ethan on Cleaning Service
appliances cleaning

The tech who came to clean my oven was very polite and knowledgeable. He detached all parts form my stove, even the oven door, thoroughly cleaned them, and attached them back!!

by Jessica McCarthy on Cleaning Service
Post Construction Cleaning

This was my first time hiring Miss Maid, and I am extremely happy with the service!
Excellent cleaning and friendly workers !!!

by Cathy Joyce on Cleaning Service
oven fantastic cleaning

You are fantastic!! My oven looks like a brand new, can not wait to use it ! Thanks

by Michael Byrne on Cleaning Service
after construction cleaning

The maids were polite, professional and efficient.

They did a tremendous work in my house after our post construction renovations has been done!

Thanks a lot !

by Ella Chen on Cleaning Service
outstanding work!

Wow guys, you are outstanding!

Very helpful office staff and the best maids ever !!

by Cole Joseph on Cleaning Service
move out

I am very satisfied with the services of your representatives. They are very friendly and do an amazing job.

by Kate Chen on Cleaning Service
Apartment cleaning

The ladies are polite and professional. Thanks so much.

by Elena Collins on Cleaning Service
Recurring client

Very thorough cleaning and fresh smell ! I like your organic cleaning products.

by Ryan Williams on Cleaning Service
post construction clean

I was very pleased with the service I received. Friendly and fast working maids!

by Eleanor Daltos on Cleaning Service
Move in

Professional team that arrived on time. They did a thorough and beautiful job. Thank you

by Derman Nicole on Cleaning Service
Everything !

Thank you Miss Maid! Everything in my house has been clean from top to bottom very well.

by Hannah Lukas on Cleaning Service
move in

Great cleaning products, friendly and professional team!

by Gabriella Mateo on Cleaning Service
Move In

The best quality service in a deep clean I have ever experienced !!The Miss Maids were very professional and knowledgeable!!

by Lex Gomez on Cleaning Service
carpet cleaning

Very professional! Excellent results!

I can see my carpet's colors now!!

by Finn Doyle on Cleaning Service
Recurring cleaning

It was very nice to have English speaking maids !!

They were so friendly with great personality !

I like their competent and thoroughly cleaning!

by Catherine Riley on Cleaning Service
Great satisfaction

Great service ! My house is sparkly clean!!
My daughter loves your Henry vacuums !!

by C.J. Adams on Cleaning Service
Move out service

Efficient and thorough work !!

by Sofia Oliver on Cleaning Service
Thank you!

My home was spotless after the Miss Maids left !! Very impressed!

by Henry Hart on Cleaning Service
Post construction

Professional and friendly crew. Excellent quality of service.
Definitely will hire them again!

by Joanna Birdy on Cleaning Service
Best Maids!!

The Miss Maid team I had, was simply outstanding!!!!!

Thank you girls !!

by Ellie Smith on Cleaning Service
Recurring Cleaning

As always, Miss Maids keep my house in a top shape, with extremely professional cleaning, and their cleaning products that sanitize surfaces are best to keep the house refreshed with a nice smell. The cleaning crews are professional and thorough in their work. I definitely recommend them.

by Lara Nikolli on Cleaning Service
recurring cleaning

The service is great, I have been extremely happy with how clean our house has been. Currently I have Miss Maid clean my house every 2 weeks, thinking of doing it every week. Thank you for the excellent service.

by Thomas William on Cleaning Service
oven and hood cleaning

I have never seen my stove and oven that clean !! They look brand-new appliances! Extraordinary service!!

by Jillian Miller on Cleaning Service
move in cleaning

The house was spotless after the team left. We were very pleased!! Amazing job Miss Maid!!

by Molly B. on Cleaning Service
one time service

Amazing !!Maids were very pleasant and professional!!

Thank you:)

by Bella Redd on Cleaning Service
move out

Excellent service, no complains !

by Erick Tello on Cleaning Service
carpet cleaning

We are very pleased with the service we got from Miss Maid!! Very reliable and accommodating

by Valentina Maro on Cleaning Service
recurring cleaning

I love Miss Maid! Every time I come back home after them, the house is sparkly clean. The lades do a great job!

by Jim Chai on Cleaning Service
one time cleaning

Miss Maid did an excellent job cleaning my house.

by Hana Porter on Cleaning Service
apartment cleaning

Outstanding service! Everything in my apartment looks amazing, from the walls and floors, to the fridge and oven, even the windows are spotless!

by Avery Morriss on Cleaning Service
move in service

The maids were super friendly and worked very hard! I booked them for 4 hours and they stayed longer without an extra charge!

by Smith H. on Cleaning Service
appliances clean

Very thorough oven cleaning! Every detail from my oven, range, oven hood has been thoroughly cleaned !

by Thalia Bahi on Cleaning Service
recurring client

Super professional with attention to detail. I like the speed and thoroughness .

by Sage Roche on Cleaning Service
happy client

My house always looks and smells wonderful after Miss Maid complete their work!

by Sean Allan on Cleaning Service
move in

Very nice and professional staff. I am so happy, ready to move in!!

by Dorah Harris on Cleaning Service
move in clean

Outstanding cleaning! Thank you Miss Maid:)

by Ben M. on Cleaning Service
appliances cleaning

The oven- cleaning crew is The Best!!!Wow !! No more smelly house!!

by Kristy Woods on Cleaning Service
biweekly cleaning

I could not be happier with my cleaning team!! Every time the same maids, the work is completed efficiently and fast!

by Henry Parker on Cleaning Service
one time service

Excellent and fast working cleaners!

by Harry G. on Cleaning Service
high satisfaction

Overall very satisfied! Everything was perfect! It was beyond my expectation.

by Luke D. on Cleaning Service
move in

Highest level of professionalism. The maids were quick and complete.

by Allison Miller on Cleaning Service
deep clean

I have never had a cleaning service that will pick up toys and belongings, rather than clean around them! Keep up the good work Miss Maid!

by Devon Nova on Cleaning Service
apartment cleaning

My apartment was spotless, the maids did a fantastic work.

by Rachel Maximillian on Cleaning Service
first recurring

Finally I was able to find my cleaning company !

Thank you Miss Maid!!

by Jack Tuch on Cleaning Service
move out

Exceptional cleaning ,amazing service!

by Evan Carter on Cleaning Service

Miss Maid did a fabulous job - my oven to look sparkly again!

by John Lee on Cleaning Service
first time recurring

I was very pleased with the job the maids performed. My house looked great and smelled good.

by Debra K. on Cleaning Service
one time apartment cleaning

Reliable,thorough and professional service.

by Carin Smith on Cleaning Service
recurring service

Terrific job as always! Thank you!

by Mia Patel on Cleaning Service
move in cleaning

Very professional team! I am so glad they used high efficiency vacuums and green products.

by Vivian K. on Cleaning Service
sparkly oven

A very thorough and efficient oven cleaning! Every part of my oven has been detached, thoroughly cleaned and attached back ! Wow!!

by Daniel Grani on Cleaning Service
move in

Friendly maids, good-smelling cleaning products, excellent

results !

by Patricia Hudson on Cleaning Service
recurring service

I love that my home smells so fresh and sparkles after the maids finish their work!

by Oscar Kaplan on Cleaning Service
recurring service

Fast, detailed and friendly maids!

by William Press on Cleaning Service
post construction cleaning

The two maids that came were amazing, they did very diligent job!!

by Mimi White on Cleaning Service
move out

My house has been a mess, until the Miss Maids came in:)

So happy I was able to get my deposit back from the landlord! Thank you :)

by Ben Keith on Cleaning Service
recurring service

Miss Maids are thorough, efficient, and generally nice. So far I am really impressed with the service. Keep up the good work!!

by Maya Ross on Cleaning Service
Move in cleaning

The service was great! Quick and efficient !!

by Patrick Dunlop on Cleaning Service
after party cleaning

Excellent work! Above and beyond!

by Ashley Donovan on Cleaning Service
Happy customer

Professional and quick ! They were able to work with my tide schedule and made my house sparkly clean !

by Kevin Peters on Cleaning Service
One time

Hardworking and professional maids with a positive attitude.

by Victoria Massett on Cleaning Service
Happy client!!

Absolutely love the service! Friendly and professional staff that do an awesome job, transforming my house into a home! Thank you Miss Maid !!

by Charlotte Tuckman on Cleaning Service
Move In Cleaning

Pleasant, reliable and efficient staff. Good cleaning products . Clean house!!!

by Christian Forte on Cleaning Service
One timecleaning

Great service. Thorough and professional.

by Henry Robert on Cleaning Service
Post construction cleaning

The Miss Maids were very courteous, professional and took care of everything I mentioned to them. I was very pleased with the experience. Definitely I would hire them again!!

by Jack Blume on Cleaning Service
Oven Cleaning

Great job!

My oven is back to life! Thank you Miss Maid!

by Molly Basso on Cleaning Service
Move In cleaning

Very fast and friendly Maids ! So happy with the service!

Thank you!!

by Brendan on Cleaning Service

Great cleaning and diligent. Thanks!

by Matthew on Cleaning Service
Excellent job

Miss Maid's cleaners really have shown great attention to detail. I'm pleasantly surprised.

by Bill on Cleaning Service
Well done

Meticulous cleaning. I really appreciate your hard work and attention to detail.

by Norah on Cleaning Service

Very good job Miss Maid! We are very happy with your cleaner Asya and wanted to share our positive experience with others. Thank you!

by Sue on Cleaning Service
Excellent cleaning at a very good price

Miss Maid's cleaners did an amazing job at my new place! And the price was very reasonable for the quality of service.

by Samantha on Cleaning Service
By far the best in Scarsdale

Great prices and outstanding service. Can't thank you enough!

by Rebecca on Cleaning Service
Very good cleaners!

Miss Maid's cleaners show no compromise to the standard of cleaning provided. Really good job!

by Angela on Cleaning Service

Your cleaner was amazing on friday! Thank you so much for the good job, i'll definitely recommend you to friends!

by Laura on Cleaning Service

Miss Maid was prompt and excelled at cleaning our oven which had melted plastic in it due to a plastic cutting board melting mishap. The technician was professional, neat and took his time cleaning the oven so that it looked like new. I will definitely use Miss Maid again and will recommend the company to my friends.

by Caroline Olsen on Cleaning Service
Perfect satisfaction

Outstanding in all respects!

The Miss Maids just left and my house is sparkling! I love the clean bathrooms and kitchen especially. Thank you

by Beth Morris on Cleaning Service
Happy customer!

Very professional and thoroughly cleaning!

The two maids was experienced cleaners, that they knew what they were doing . My house is sparkly clean !! Thank you Miss Maid !!

by Bruce on Cleaning Service

Miss Maid has gained my trust in their cleaners after years of using their services. The result has always been great and the communication with their office is a breeze.

by Clare on Cleaning Service
Quality service!!!

Hey Miss Maid! Great job! I’m really thankful for the high standard of cleaning your maids have. I’ll book next session with you again. Best, Clare

by Pam Printz on Cleaning Service
oven/hood cleaning

I recently purchased a home with an old large professional hood and oven that looked like it's interior had never been cleaned. Miss Maid painstakingly brought them back to nearly new condition.

by Melanie on Cleaning Service
Excellent service!

Thank you for the excellent service provided. You are amazing and very reliable, will definitely use your services again.

by Whitney on Cleaning Service
Reliable and professional

The most reliable cleaning provider around. Please thank Irina on my behalf for doing a great job on saturday. I’ll be booking another cleaning at the end of the month and will be happy to have Irina again. Thank you

by Jess on Cleaning Service

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for cleaning my house so well. I’ll definitelly recommend you to everyone!

by Perry on Cleaning Service
Thank you!!

Thank you for the service! Our house is in amazing condition after your cleaner. I’m really happy she managed to take care of the horrible limescale! I’ll definitely book with you again! ^^

by Marcus Morris on Cleaning Service
Summer Event

Miss Maid was incredibly open to our specific needs for our corporate event and Dimitri was really great with communication prior. Highly recommend their services and we hope to book again for our event next Summer!

by Benjamin on Cleaning Service
very reliable company

Miss Maid’s cleaners really stand out. Very professional job. To anyone looking for a reliable cleaning provider Miss Maid is the way to go.

by Martha Willis on Cleaning Service
Thanks for your help!!

Thank you for your enormous help with the cleaning! And the price was great too! Ill definitely recommend you to my friends!

by Joyce on Cleaning Service
Best in town

I’m impressed with Miss Maid’s well mannered and hard working cleaners. They never miss anything and always leave my apartment in a great condition.

by T. Perry on Cleaning Service
Really good job

Thank you for the thorough cleaning at my apartment! I didn’t expect a premium quality service at this price but now i know who I should call when I need another cleaning! :)

by Ashleigh on Cleaning Service
Consistently professional

Happy to find out that Miss Maid offers the same high quality cleaning services in New York as well! I have used their services before and they have proven to be consistent in their cleaning performance.

by Melissa on Cleaning Service
Deserved 5 stars

Thanks for following precisely my task list. I can’t thank you enough for providing me with a stress-free service. This is the kind of company I’ve been looking for..

by Terry on Cleaning Service

You were amazing! Thanks so much for the perfect job. The oven is literally like new now! I'll definitily use your services again soon.

by Donna on Cleaning Service

Very satisfied with Miss Maid’s quality of cleaning as well as the communication with their officwe staff. I recommend this provider to anyone looking for reliable and hard working cleaners.

by Sarah on Cleaning Service
The best cleaning company in Eastchester

Thanks for being the best cleaning company in Eastchester. Your cleaners prove themselves being amazing at what they do for third consecutive time.

by Jessie on Cleaning Service

Very good communication with everyone in the office, easy booking procedure, the maid has done an EXCELLENT and spotless job and also good prices. What else can i ask for? 5 stars

by Cindy on Cleaning Service
Very reliable!

I was amazed when i walked in... Everything at home is sparkling clean. I recommend Miss Maid!

by Nick on Cleaning Service
5 stars

Good communication and no troubles whatsoever. The cleaner has done an amazing job while I was away. I'll book my next cleaning with Miss Maid again.

by Mia on Cleaning Service
Very good!

Very good prices and quality is top notch. Great service, thank you!

by Pamela on Cleaning Service
Peace of mind!

I'm so thankful to myself for entrusting the cleaning to a professional cleaning company for an event at my house. Miss Maid did an amazing job, quickly and efficiently. The service was worth every cent.

by Jane on Cleaning Service

Thank you very much for the thorough cleaning! Great service Miss Maid!

by Maggie on Cleaning Service
Deserved 5 stars!

Thank you for the service – very reliable, your communication was excellent, and the young man who came to clean was thorough, polite, quick without rushing and did explained what he was doing. The carpets now look great. We will use you again in future, and I will recommend your service to others.

by Leena on Cleaning Service

I'm very pleased with the quality of service offered by Miss Maid. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable cleaning service.

by Spencer on Cleaning Service

Thank you for being consistently outstanding at what you do. All the best.

by Alanis on Cleaning Service
Outstanding service!

Thanks for your impeccable work Miss Maid. Well deserved 5 stars!

by M. Perez on Cleaning Service
Excellent cleaning service

Entrusting the after party cleaning to Miss Maid for the second time and happy i did. Easy booking, good price and excellent service. Recommended.

by William on Cleaning Service
Excellent service!

Miss Maid provided excellent carpet steam cleaning for my two bedroom apartment. The company was professional and efficient throughout, including useful web chat to arrange the service.The individual (Kiril) arrived on time and was highly efficient and polite.Carpet looks perfect now and I'd definitely use this service again, probably have the carpet cleaned annually now.

by Katy on Cleaning Service
Excellent service

Miss Maid cleaned pretty much all our kitchen appliances to perfection. They literally look like new now. We were amazed how well our old appliances can still function and look. This service saved us a lot of money.

by Benjamin on Cleaning Service

Moving out was a breeze with you guys, thanks!

by Jordan Wallace on Cleaning Service
Very positive experience!

Thank you for being so thorough and hard-working people! I was amazed how spotless everything was after your maid. I'll definitely call you again next time I need a cleaning service!

by Evan on Cleaning Service
Good job Miss Maid!

The booking was so easy and the guys in the office were so helpful. No nasty surprises like with other companies. What you get is a stunning quality of service for a normal price. Good job Miss Maid!

by Susan on Cleaning Service
Great service

Great service and attitude! Its hard to find a reliable and understanding cleaning company to do a proper carpet cleaning.

by Greg on Cleaning Service

Thank you for being the most dedicated and reliable cleaners. I'm amazed! I'll definitely use your services again.

by Samuel on Cleaning Service

Thanks for the great service guys, I'm really impressed. Will get back to you soon!

by Ellen on Cleaning Service
Great job!

Thank you for the amazing service! I'll see you again soon!

by Omar on Cleaning Service
Highly impressed!!

Im highly impressed with the cleaning proviced by miss maid!

by Summer on Cleaning Service

Just wanted to say im impressed with the quality of cleaning. Stunning results.

by Anneke on Cleaning Service
Thank you!

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job on friday. My apartment is shining. Im really happy with your cleaners and would recommend you to my friends. Thanks once again!

by Karen on Cleaning Service
Best in Rye!

I've gone through several cleaning companies to manage my property cleaning requirements. Once I found Miss Maid the search was over. It's been more than a year now that our maid is doing an amazing job consistently. I recommend Miss Maid!

by Jason on Cleaning Service
Easily one of the best cleaning companies...

Easily one of the best cleaning companies in Mamaroneck area. I'd like to thank you for the spotless job. Won't be looking for another provider anytime soon. Well deserved 5 stars!

by Carolynn on Cleaning Service
Very hardworking maids!

I'm very happy with Natalia's quality of cleaning and when she went on a holiday I was worried that the other maid that you sent won't meet the standard of cleaning I was used to. I'm so happy I was wrong! Your cleaners really do make a difference. Keep up the good work Miss Maid!

by Claire on Cleaning Service
Very professional

Fast, efficient, professional and friendly service. Everyone I spoke to on the phone dealt with was helpful and professional. They turned around the requested service quickly. I received emails to update me at every step of the way. The guy who turned up to do the job (carpet and mattress cleaning) was friendly and thorough and I was really pleased with the end result. Would definitely use Miss Maid again and would recommend.

by Anne M. on Cleaning Service

I can't praise miss maid highly enough. We've tried several different companies but none compare. The office staff are extremely efficient and friendly, and the cleaners are exceptional. The cleaning is always to a very high standard, with real care and attention to detail, and no request is too much. Replacement cleaners are arranged if your regular cleaner is away, and if you need to change a day they're very flexible. They also managed to come during all the tube strikes.

With other companies we found that things would be missed, things would be moved, sessions would be cancelled, too many things were broken etc. but we've never had these problems with miss maid.

All in all they are a pleasure to deal with and it's lovely to come home after they've been. We've been with them for almost two years and wouldn't consider another company now.

by John Saymore on Cleaning Service
Great service!

Miss Maid have done an excellent and very comprehensive cleaning of my house in Rye. I have gone with their 360 Home checklist which is far better than the checklists of previously used cleaning providers.

Well done guys, keep up with the good job and will definitely see you again next time. Highly recommended.

by Yvonne on Cleaning Service
Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the excellent job you did at my home.
The lady you sent was charming, bright and cheerful as well as incredibly hard-working. She made my place look like new.
I like the way you have handled matters, your honesty, punctuality and great, professional service.
I am going to recommend your company to all my colleagues.